Sony XAV AX100 Reviews – Keys Features

The Sony xav-ax 100 is the first aftermarket receiver to work with apple car play. It is a topnotch and tasteful digital radio with a simple and user-friendly design that blends in with any car; old or new. Sony XAV AX100 Reviews – Keys Features will review this Sony device, so you can see if it is one that you are looking for your car.

It is among the top rated receivers at a reasonable price, perfect for people always on the go. Even with its simplicity and resistive touchscreen.

This 2 DIN unit is sturdy and has good overall performance and excellent screen control.

It has three 2V RCA pre-outs; a front channel, mono subwoofer channel and rear channel pre-out to expand your setup, and four pre-amplifier outputs for the main channels and an additional one for a subwoofer, to help boost the car sound.

Key features.

The key features include;

  • Sony XAV AX100 Reviews - Keys FeaturesSteering wheel control.
  • USB input.
  • Touchscreen.
  • Mem card input.
  • FM and AM channel preset.
  • Dynamic sound organizer.
  • Dynamic reality amplifier.
  • Rear view camera.
  • Built-in graphic equalizer.
  • Android Auto and Apple car play.


The unit weighs 2.4lbs.

Unit dimensions are 6.4″ by 7″ by 3.9″.

The receiver has three pre-outs.

Let’s look at the features in detail;

  1. Android Auto and Apple play compatibility.

The unit is compatible with your phone; whether android or an i-phone. With android auto and apple car play, you can control everything using voice commands and access most handset operations by connecting it to the unit.

You can call, text, view maps and listen to your favorite songs without relinquishing control over your car while in motion.

  1. Rugged feel, resistive touchscreen.

You have control at your fingertips with the interface controls.

Although with a rugged feel, the screen is bright, responsive and vibrant with high-grade contrast and brightness that helps you see everything.

The 6.4 inches screen has an excellent mix of iOS and modern android in its flair and iconography.

You can customize the screen display into five solid background colors which will serve as the wallpaper.

  1. Dynamic reality amplifier.

The dynamic reality amp, with 4 ohms by 55 watts and low internal resistance, cancels out interferences at any volume to produce smooth, clear and natural sound.

The digital clarity tuner enhances the sound of the AM and FM stereos.

  1. Channel presets of FM and AM.

With five memory bands for storing and receiving FM and AM stations, the unit has 18 FM, and 12 AM preset channels.

  1. A rearview camera.

The unit has a rear camera that acts as a smooth and safe guide when reversing. However, you will need to look out as the camera only outlines your rear car position.

  1. Bluetooth ready.

Driving gets more relaxed with the Bluetooth option enabled as you can call, text and get directions using the voice command feature and easy hands-free control that helps you access most functions.

It makes your journey safe and comfortable without having to keep on touching the unit dials or your handset by simple single pairing.

You can pause, play, shuffle the playlist or play on repeat. It uses the SDEC codec feature.

  1. 10- band graphic equalizer.

You have the freedom to sculpt your music in any way you desire, with the built-in graphic equalizer.

You can choose hip-hop, RnB, jazz, rock, country, pop, soul, dance, custom or have the equalizer off.

  1. Dynamic sound organizer.

The DSO produces an authentic sound by recalibrating the frequency output of the speaker to make them sound as if on the dash regardless of where you place them.

  1. USB and memory card input.

Although the unit lacks an auxiliary input, the USB and mem card input compensate accordingly.

You can charge your phone using the 1.5A of the USB when it has a small percentage of battery charge for recognition by the unit.

  1. Rotary dial.

The rigid and stiff volume knob eases control over your unit, and there are no distractions while driving.

Pushing the integrated button accesses sound control, turning the knob adjusts volume and holding the dial enables you to access the voice control commands.

Sony xav-ax 100 connectivity.

Be careful when using third-party cables to connect the unit to your vehicle, as they can cause it to malfunction.

Sony xav-ax 100 firmware.

It has upgradeable firmware.

Sony xav-ax 100 installations.

The owner’s manual is easy to understand thus making the installation of the unit easy enough.

Sony xav-ax 100 video format.

With an 800 by 480 resolution, the unit has limited modest bitrates in WMV, FLV, XVID, and MPEG4 formats.

Sony xav-ax 100 pros and cons.


Sony XAV AX100 - Keys FeaturesIt is an understated and non-flashy unit with a black surface panel that blends in perfectly in the car.

It has excellent sound quality.

Also, it is compatible with apple car play and android auto.

Its firmware is upgradeable.

It has the best value for your limited budget.

Another point, it doesn’t overheat when in use for a long time.

The unit is easy to operate.

It is easy to install.

Moreover, it is multi-lingual.

The difference in the screen modes is not visually offensive between the Sony experience screen and car play mode.

It can be used to charge your handset.


The radio receiver is readily responsive to interferences.

In old cars, you have to dim the brightness manually.

Third party cables added to the unit lead to its malfunction.


We recommend this product for its simplicity whereby sound meets safety with smart distraction-free driving.

Get your unit for your new or vintage vehicle and enjoy the solid audio that comes with the best tech experience, even on a limited budget, regardless of the mishaps you may encounter.

Nothing is perfect, but as you can see from the Sony xav-ax100 reviews, you are guaranteed to realize your money’s worth. Try it today!

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