How to Set up a New Laptop with Windows 10

We all have that moment in life when after bringing home our newly bought laptop, we all ask that first question, “How to Set up a New Laptop with Windows 10?”.

How to Set up a New Laptop with Windows 10

Today we will discuss the step by step process of setting up a new laptop with Windows 10, to improve the overall experience and performance.

Most of the settings will be done in the “Windows Settings”.

Steps to Follow

First, in the “System” menu of Windows Settings, make sure the scale and layout are set to 100% in the “Display” tab for sometimes the scale defaults to 150%.

Also, make sure the correct display resolution is set, set the resolution to the one advertised for the laptop. That’s it for the system menu.

How to Set up a New Laptop with Windows 10

If you don’t want Microsoft apps to be the default apps on your laptop, go to the “Apps” menu, click on the “Default Apps” tab, and set a new default app for each category.

Now go down to the “Startup” tab, you’ll find many programs are added to the startup list even though they’re not needed when your computer boots.

Disabling some of these apps will improve your startup time, so go through the list and turn off apps you’ll not need.

Windows 10 collects tons of data regarding your usage.

To reduce the information they collect, go to the “Privacy” menu.

You’ll have 4 privacy options that you can change, the best recommendation is to turn off all of them.

How to Set up a New Laptop with Windows 10

And if you want to stop windows from updating in the background automatically and prefer to manually update windows, go to the “Update & Security” menu and click on pause updates on the “windows updates” tab.

To have a backup of your Windows OS, you’ll need system protection turned on.

Type restore point into the start search box, select “create a restore point”.

In the system protection tab click on your system drive, it will say system next to the drive letter, click on configure if system protection is disabled, now turn it on.

How to Set up a New Laptop with Windows 10

Under disk space usage set the max usage to 2 to 3 percent or at least 5 gigabytes for restore points.

When you’re done, create a restore point immediately, click on “create”, set a name for the restore point, and click “create” again.

Hopefully, this article helped you out. Comment down below all the settings you change, and how are they useful. And thank you for reading this article.

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