How to Set up a New Laptop with Windows 10

We all have that moment in life when after bringing home our newly bought laptop, we all ask that first question, “How to Set up a New Laptop with Windows 10?”.

How to Set up a New Laptop with Windows 10

Today we will discuss the step by step process of setting up a new laptop with Windows 10, to improve the overall experience and performance.

Most of the settings will be done in the “Windows Settings”.

Steps to Follow

First, in the “System” menu of Windows Settings, make sure the scale and layout are set to 100% in the “Display” tab for sometimes the scale defaults to 150%.

Also, make sure the correct display resolution is set, set the resolution to the one advertised for the laptop. That’s it for the system menu.

How to Set up a New Laptop with Windows 10

If you don’t want Microsoft apps to be the default apps on your laptop, go to the “Apps” menu, click on the “Default Apps” tab, and set a new default app for each category.

Now go down to the “Startup” tab, you’ll find many programs are added to the startup list even though they’re not needed when your computer boots.

Disabling some of these apps will improve your startup time, so go through the list and turn off apps you’ll not need.

Windows 10 collects tons of data regarding your usage.

To reduce the information they collect, go to the “Privacy” menu.

You’ll have 4 privacy options that you can change, the best recommendation is to turn off all of them.

How to Set up a New Laptop with Windows 10

And if you want to stop windows from updating in the background automatically and prefer to manually update windows, go to the “Update & Security” menu and click on pause updates on the “windows updates” tab.

To have a backup of your Windows OS, you’ll need system protection turned on.

Type restore point into the start search box, select “create a restore point”.

In the system protection tab click on your system drive, it will say system next to the drive letter, click on configure if system protection is disabled, now turn it on.

How to Set up a New Laptop with Windows 10

Under disk space usage set the max usage to 2 to 3 percent or at least 5 gigabytes for restore points.

When you’re done, create a restore point immediately, click on “create”, set a name for the restore point, and click “create” again.

Hopefully, this article helped you out. Comment down below all the settings you change, and how are they useful. And thank you for reading this article.

Key Facts You Will Want To Upgrade Your Laptop

The laptops used to be very slow. But with the development of new technologies, they come up with new powerful laptop each day.

So you need to upgrade your laptop to stay updated. Key Facts You Will Want to upgrade Your Laptop will guide you through upgrading your laptop easily. Once your laptop computer loses oomph. It’s usually that the cause is low system memory.  

You have doubtless detected that trendy laptop computer memory upgrades are available in the shape of a laptop computer SODIMM.   Moreover, simply what they, and maybe most significantly. However, are you able to obtain the one right for your laptop?  

To avoid wasting your confusion, let’s reconsider the important aspects. You ought to grasp it before clicking the order button!

What is a laptop computer SODIMM?

A laptop computer SODIMM is that the short hand term for laptop computer tiny define twin Inline Memory Module.

Quite mouthful would not you think?

Fortuitously, a SODIMM is quite tiny and is that the name given to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). On that trendy laptop computer memory is sold .

Consequently, anytime you stumble across a laptop computer memory upgrade.

It’s totally doubtless to be a laptop computer SODIMM of some kind.

Will this mean all laptop computer SODIMM’s  identical?

Sadly not, however luck has it, that isn’t as difficult because it sounds.

Laptop SODIMM’s take issue betting onwhat form of memory they feature.

Older SDRAM SODIMM’s for instance 144 pin, slightly newer DDR and DDR2 SODIMM’s 200 pin whereas the presently latest DDR3 SODIMM’s 204 pin.

Their physical dimensions conjointly vary  however ever slightly.

The main factor to recollect is that laptop computer SODIMM’s of varied varieties.

You should not nice this along within the same laptop computer.

For instance, if your laptop computer uses DDR3 memory then there isn’t any use attempting to put in a DDR2 SODIMM in there.

It isn’t simply the quantity of pins that modify however conjointly the pin layout, operational voltage, timings and addressing etc.

Does this mean upgrading could be aburden best left to professionals? in factnot!

Laptop SODIMM Compatibility

While it’s not possible to combine and match SDRAM, DDR, DDR2 or DDR3 SODIMM’s (any combination).

Along it has always simply fine to combine and match identical varieties of SODIMM’s along.

Although the whole of memory differs, let’s place this into perspective.

For example, say you’ve got a DDR2 laptop computer that shipped with one DDR2 SODIMM.

Its capability is just about inapplicable. However, let’s assumes its 2GB. You currently need to upgrade to 4GB.

However,  the DDR2 laptop computer memory upgrade you bought is of a distinct whole than the one presently put in (i.e. Samsung Vs Hynix).

Can this work?

In ninety nine of cases yes! You see, the  whole is for many half a dead letter.

What is relevant but is that each modules DDR2 therefore follow the DDR2 SODIMM specification.

Even if the memory timings take issue between the modules. Then this can be conjointly acceptable (unless you would like each ounce of performance you’ll be able to get).

Keep Reading Key Facts You Will Want To Upgrade Your Laptop to learn more.

The sole side you ought to listen to  once getting is that the memory speed.

For instance, if that current 2GB RAM is of the PC2-5300 (667MHz effective) selection.

You would like to create certain your new DDR2 laptop computer SODIMM is additionally a minimum of PC2-5300.

Otherwise the memory controller at intervals your laptop computer are going to be forced to run each SODIMM’s at the speed of the lesser (i.e. slower) SODIMM.

To extrapolate this any, PC2-5300 and PC2-6400 DDR SODIMM modules can work along albeit at 667MHz and not 800MHz (effective).

So why can mix completely different brands of laptop computer SODIMM’s solely add ninety nine of cases.

The short answer is incompatibility. The long answer is as follows.

Some lesser brands of laptop computer memory don’tcontinually 100% follow the JDEC (the organisation what devises memory specifications) specification.

At alternative times BIOS’s (Basic Input Out System) found in laptops are not while not bugs.

Information super highway result’s a laptop computer. Which will ceaselessly beep once turned on whereas displaying a black screen.

Is there how to upgrade while not probably facing any such issues and decreasing performance?

Nothing can 100% guarantee you escape laptop computer SODIMM incompatibility problems.

On balance it’s you United Nations agency clicks the order button, but as long as you continue some key recommendations then we’re nearly sureyou will be smiling in no time the least bit.

Upgrading laptop computer SODIMM’s – key recommendations to think aboutbefore shopping for

We’ve compiled the below rank of aspects you ought to listen to onceseeking to shop for a laptop computerSODIMM.

For peace of mind we have a tendency to suggest that you:

A) wherever doable attempt to obtain identical whole of memory to what you have already got put in  obtain a laptop computer memory upgrade from a revered whole.

B) obtain identical speed of memory to what is presently put in, i.e.

If PC2-5300 is put in then obtain a PC2-5300 laptop computer SODIMM.

As it’s totally rare that the memory controller in your laptop computer.

This will run at a better memory  specification. And although it will, the presently put in slower memory canforestall this (unless you alter all SODIMM’s to the new quicker spec).

C) wherever financially possible to try and do thus, continually attempt toobtain SODIMM’s of identical capability to what you presently have put in (see below on why)

D) If the laptop computer memory upgrade you intend to shop for does notfeature a life warrantee then it is best to avoid it altogether, revered memory brands supply life warranties as a result of they believe their product. Thus, do you have to (for peace of mind)

E) merely obtain thought laptop computer SODIMM’s instead of performance laptop computerSODIMM’s.

The latter can feature quicker memory timings. Which provide a modest performance boost.

For them to run at these timings but all put inmemory modules should meet this specification.

As your presently put inlaptop computer can doubtless feature somewhat slower timings. Your laptop’s BIOS can use these, and not the quickertimings.

Laptop SODIMM twin channel mode

The overwhelming majority of recent laptops support what’s referred to astwin channel mode.

In practise, this suggests 2 laptop computer SODIMM’s accessed in parallel for increased performance (bandwidth).

When twin channel mode was introduced (in DDR memory laptops) it solelyoperated in what is referred to assynchronous mode.

Newer DDR2 and DDR3 memory laptop computer support each synchronous and asynchronous mode.

Synchronous mode solely works  once 2 identical SODIMM’s put in.

During this case identical conjointly extends to mean 2 modules of identical capability, for instance, 2x 512MB = 1GB.

Asynchronous mode on the oppositeh and solely works once 2 non-identical SODIMM’s put in, non-identical within the sense. That they vary in capability. For instance 1x 1GB and 1x2GB = 3GB.

Regardless whether or not you’ve got Associate in Nursing older DDR memory laptop computer or newer DDR2 or DDR3 laptop computer.

Continually attempt toinstall SODIMM’s of identical capability.

Doing thus can guarantee your memory (where your laptop computer supports twin channel mode) runs in synchronous mode.

If you’ve got a DDR2 or newer laptop computer that supports twin channel mode and install non-identical capability SODIMM’s.

This may force asynchronous mode. In such a state of affairs, solely a part of your memory can operate in twin channel mode. The opposite half can run in single-channel mode.

DDR Laptop Memory – Upgrade Your Laptop Guide

DDR Laptop Memory – Upgrade Your Laptop Guide will guide though you through upgrade your laptops easily. You’ve most likely landed on this page. As a result, you either wish to hurry with what DDR laptop computer memory is.   Or you are bang within the middle of attempting to upgrade your laptop computer, however, stuck what to try to.

Well, you recognize what?

You got most likely landed on a page which will help!   A good place to begin is an associate introduction to DDR laptop computer memory…

Types of DDR laptop computer memory

DDR stands for Double rate associated is an increased (faster) variety of SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory).

Just about all laptop computers sold out nowadays likewise as those sold-out since circa 2002 use a given (older or newer) version of DDR laptop computer memory.

Place it in plain English DDR memory is quicker than normal SDRAM as a result of it will transfer information on each the falling and rising fringe of every clock cycle. And thence the ‘double’ in its name.

There is completely no reason you ought to keep in mind.

This however simply note that if you ever see DDR SDRAM mentioned any place.

Make certain to understand this is often the precise same issue as plain vanilla DDR.

So moving on, what varieties of laptop computer memory can we have?

DDR laptop memory, otherwise called DDR1 (though this is not a political candidate name instead named as simply DDR). Or DDR SDRAM is that the oldest and slowest.

It’s preponderantly obtainable in capacities up to 1GB (per module) and at speeds of up to 400MHz (effective).

DDR2 is an associate evolution to DDR with some internal enhancements to spice up performance.

And it typically obtainable in capacities up to 2GB (per module) and hurries up to 1066MHz (effective).

DDR3 is presently the newest variety of laptop computer DDR memory. And is nevertheless an extra evolution of DDR2 boosting speed an extra notch.

It will be found in capacities up to 4GB (per module) and hurries up to 1600MHz (effective).

Notice that we tend to may have aforesaid DDR2 SDRAM even as DDR3 SDRAM.

For simplicity’s sake, persist with the memory that there are DDR, DDR2, and DDR3.

As a result of quite candidly, this is often what you may encounter most!

Fortuitously, the business appears to like the shorthand naming convention.

You may additionally wish to get a lot of concerning DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 laptop computer memory.

How do the on-top varieties relate to your laptop?

This we’ll examine next!

What sort of DDR laptop computer memory do I need?

When upgrading a laptop computer memory you would like to spot. What sort of DDR memory is employed so supported by your laptop computer?

Failing to try this may mean a failing upgrade for an awfully easy reason. All versions of DDR are incompatible with one another and use a unique sort of slot instrumentality.

That differs within the range of pins (and many alternative technical aspects).

Speaking of memory slots we want to introduce memory modules.

In distinction to desktops, your laptop computer uses a smaller variety of memory slot that consumes less area.

As a result, the memory modules employed in laptops are smaller too.

You will or might not have detected the term DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Module) before. Particularly if you’ve got upgraded your personal computer  (now may be a nice time to jog your memory!).

Laptops use SO-DIMMs – merely append ‘Small Outline’ to a DIMM.

The name is not very vital except what this suggests in practice, specifically you can’t install a DIMM in a very SO-DIMM memory slot and the other way around.

DIMM’s significantly longer than SO-DIMM’s and doesn’t seem to be designed to be used in laptops.

Before going additional we must always additionally indicate that you simply might bump into SO-DIMM written as SODIMM. This is often the precise same thing!

So simply to recap, we all know the various varieties of DDR. That varied versions of DDR do not combine.

And additionally that we won’t use any DIMMs lying around the house and/or workplace (should you have got any) in our laptop computer.

Next, we want to conclude simply what sort of DDR memory we want, specifically what’s going to add to our laptop computer.

Keep Reading DDR Laptop Memory – Upgrading Your Laptop Successfully for More info.

A good indicator of what kind is correct for you is your laptop’s age.

Laptops made within the years 2001-2003 are going to be terribly possible be DDR primarily based.

Laptops made within the years 2004-2007 are going to be DDR2. And at last, laptop computer created since 2008 is going to be DDR3 (though some use DDR2).

Armed with this info you may apprehend whether or not to shop for a DDR SODIMM, DDR2 SODIMM, or even a DDR3 SODIMM.

A second facet you would like to judge is that the memory controller at intervals for your laptop computer.

A straightforward technique to search this out (and be told what sort of DDR is correct for us) is to run some medicine computer code on our machine.

The reality is told, there are tens and tens of other ways in which to approach this.

We tend to suggest downloading and running CPU-Z, it’s entirely free – transfer CPU-Z here.

This easy nevertheless useful application can amongst alternative aspects tell the North  American country what memory our laptop computer uses so supports (remember what we tend to aforesaid concerning not commixture varieties of DDR?).  Click on the ‘Memory’ tab and add the ‘SPD’ tab.

There you’ll notice the name DDR, DDR2 or DDR3 followed by varied odd trying numbers like the memory frequency and totally different timings.

You’ll also notice the name corresponding to the sub-type of DDR laptop computer memory employed by your laptop computer.

This may be one thing on the lines of PC2-5300, PC3200, PC3-8500, etc.

Merely piece the 2 along (i.e. DDR2 PC2-5300, DDR PC2100, DDR3 PC8-8500) and you will apprehend what to shop for and thus install.

Find out a lot concerning DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 SODIMM modules.

We know what memory we want, a logical next step is so to determine wherever to shop for it!

Where to faithfully obtain DDR laptop computer memory.

In this day and age once the net overwhelms in choices from wherever to shop for laptop computer memory it’s not possible to supply a definitive list of safe online shops.

For this sole reason, we can’t journey down this route however instead counsel you to get your laptop computer memory upgrade from names.

That is in business for years and is so reliable. As for the build of memory, you will find yourself shopping for from any of those stores.

Do pay note if it comes with a period of time manufacturer assurance. Nearly always it’ll.

However, it will ought to this not be the case then let this cause you to consider concerning clicking the order button!

Check out wherever to shop for DDR laptop computer memory that is right for your laptop computer.

How to install DDR laptop computer memory.

The good news is that regardless of what sort of DDR laptop computer memory your laptop computer uses.

Installation is incredibly abundant identical for either.

The sole key distinction (except after all for putting every in a very compatible memory slot) is that within the case of DDR2 and DDR3 laptops.

It’s a sensible practice to put in memory in pairs (i.e. 2 modules at a time).

Doing, therefore, permits the, referred to as twin channel mode on appropriate laptops.

That triggers a performance boost (enhanced memory throughput).

If you have got such a laptop computer, simply keep in mind to order 2 modules rather than one.

Most laptops feature access to the memory bay beneath.

For this reason, most of you’ll wish to show your laptop computer the wrong way up.

Unnecessary to mention, you ought to flip it off first! In alternative cases, your memory can be below the keyboard or touchpad (let’s guess….Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad perhaps?).

In either case, obtaining within (lifting the memory bay cowl or similar) is going to be simple providing you have got the proper Philips screwdriver.

In some cases, you will wish to consult your laptop’s manual (these nearly always tell you wherever the memory is installed). For clues what screws want unscrewing (usually 2-3).

It is vital you earth yourself throughout the whole method as electro-static impulses will harm laptop computer memory.

Other Factors.

Either obtain an inexpensive anti-static wristband or keep in mind to the touch one thing manufactured from metal like a table leg often.

Either technique can keep your body discharged and thus safe for handling laptop computer memory.

Once within, merely take away the prevailing memory module by pulling the latches at either end in an associate outward direction (if you would like to release space) during which case the prevailing module can crop up. Merely pull it out once loose.

If you do not have to be compelled to release area and easily wish to insert the new module, align the latch on the slot associated module properly and so insert the module at concerning an angle of forty-five degrees.

Once the gold plated pins are hidden (inserted) within the memory slot, depress till the DDR laptop computer memory module clicks into place!

Next, activate your laptop computer and your memory ought to register all and well.

If your laptop computer fails to show on the one. Or a lot of memory modules may not be inserted properly, or presumably (rarely) faulty.

You may opt to follow a step-by-step laptop computer memory illustrated installation guide instead.


Upgrading DDR laptop computer memory will be troublesome. However, it doesn’t need to be.

Initial and foremost do not overwhelm yourself with data that will not essentially assist you.

Once it involves shopping for and putting in laptop computer memory. Of course.

There isn’t any stopping you from reading up intimately concerning laptop computer memory upgrades however simply keep in mind there are aspects you will wish to understand. However, do not have to be compelled to know. Save yourself the confusion!

Secondly, set your mental attitude into saving mode as you will need to recollect that DDR laptop computer memory comes in varied versions (DDR, DDR2, and DDR3). And neither it will be mixed.

What kind of your laptop computer makes use of is heavily tied to its age.

Thirdly, save your desktop memory for your desktop computer and your laptop computer memory for your notebook computer. They do not combine, notwithstanding your use of pliers and DIY is your second name! SODIMM only!

Fourthly, use a program like CPU-Z to show the sort of memory employed by your laptop computer.

This includes the sort however additionally model (i.e. PC2100, PC2-4200, PC3-8500, etc.).

If you praise simplicity on top of everything else then consider the wherever to shop for DDR laptop computer memory section of this website.

Fifthly, solely obtain your laptop computer memory upgrade from reliable sources. And always remember that quality brand memory continuously comes with a period of time assurance.

Do you have to spot otherwise then let it raise your eyebrows?

The probabilities arts problematic and you will simply wish to re-evaluate before ordering.

Take special note if the worth appears too sensible to be true.

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