How to set up a new iPhone (Step by step)

In this article, you will learn how to set up a new iPhone (Step by step).

An initial setup is an important procedure after buying a new iPhone.

Choosing a language, setting up protection, connecting to proprietary services such as iCloud and iMessage, as well as activating a new device

How to set up a new iphone (Step by step)

– all this can be set up right after the first use of your iPhone.

  1. Turn on iPhone

The power button (lock) is located on the right side of the iPhone 11 or on the upper side of the earlier models. Press and hold it until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

After a few seconds, you will see a greeting in several languages. Swipe from left to right on the screen anywhere.

            2. The choice of language and home region

            This choice depends on what language the information on the iPhone will be displayed.

            3. Internet connection

            At this point, you need to connect to a Wi-Fi network to activate your new Apple device.

If wireless networks are not available, you should use the mobile Internet to activate your smartphone.

How to set up a new Iphone

Activation is required for a new device, so this step cannot be skipped.

            4.Enabling geolocation services

            Geolocation services allow you to use navigation, share your location with friends and find your Apple device on the map in case of loss or theft.

            5. Touch/Face ID setting and password setting

            At this stage, you will be asked to remember the fingerprint or the look your face, so that later with it you can confirm purchases in the App Store and iTunes Store, unlock the Apple device and ensure the confidentiality of personal data stored on the device.

            The next step is to set a password. The system will prompt you to set a 4 or 6 password as an alternative to Touch/Face ID.

It should be remembered that a 6-digit password is more reliable.

Be sure to remember or write down your password in a safe place.

            6. Data recovery

            At this point, you can restore all the information and settings from your old iPhone through the iCloud backup service using a backup on your local computer using iTunes.

            7. Connecting an Apple ID Account

set up a new Iphone (Step by step)

            Apple ID is a personal account that allows you to access various Apple services, such as instant messaging or video calls between users of Apple technology.

            If you do not have your Apple ID, you can create it in the process of activating your iPhone.

            8. Setting Siri

            Siri is your personal voice assistant with which you can conveniently create reminders, set an alarm, mark events on the calendar, send messages and much more.

            9. Choosing the optimal interface size

            If you have an iPhone 6 or newer (except iPhone SE), the system will prompt you to select the scale of the interface. Read Full Review of iPhone 11 Pro here.

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