How to Set Up a New Desktop Computer

How to Set Up a New Desktop Computer will teach you to set up your desktop easily.

What should I do to start setting up my new desktop computer?

How to Set Up a New Desktop Computer

Well, the first thing you should do is uncover the box where it comes from, connect the corresponding cables: power cable, mouse, keyboard, speakers, monitor, and any other peripherals.

Once we have everything ready, we proceed to turn on our computer and perform the following steps:

  • . Depending on your operating system, the graphical interface and the way you can create your account varies a bit. For Mac, Windows, and Linux, you will only have to perform the steps of the wizard that will make you choose the language, time and region, accept the license terms and finally, add your user account.
  • It’s important to connect the computer with an Ethernet cable or Wifi connection to check for available updates and start downloading the programs you want, or simply to surf the internet.
  • . It’s normal for Windows and Mac OS to require updates at the moment to update your operating system and programs. Microsoft and Apple computers have the option of automatic updates, you can disable them whenever you want from the configuration, but it isn’t recommended because they give stability and greater compatibility to the operating system.
  •  There are many programs that our new computer includes, as well as many you’ll never use. You can start by installing an Antivirus from your browser or from your CD. Browsers, Games and work programs such as Office are the first downloads made on a new computer.
  •  This is already optional, but if you want to give a touch to your computer, you can browse the graphic settings to fit the computer at your convenience.
New Desktop Computer


 Up a New Desktop Computer

These are the essential steps to configure a new desktop computer, and as you can see, it isn’t difficult at all. Read full review Dell Optiplex 7010 Business here.

From here you can do the activities you want on the computer, such as importing multimedia files, watching movies, playing games, surfing the internet and countless possibilities.

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