How to Set Up a New Router (Guide)

How to Set Up a New Router Overview

Setting Up a New Router is one thing that you may like to do wherever you buy a new one.

The internet today isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity, and every day there are thousands of people who buy routers to equip their home or businesses with WiFi connection.

How to Set Up a New Router (Guide)

4 Simple Steps to Install a New Router,

How to Set Up a New Router
How to Set Up a New Router (Guide)

1. Access the router. To enter the interface of our router, we must first be connected to it by means of an Ethernet cable (recommended) or even by the same WiFi (normally its access is public when they aren’t configured).

Verified this, we proceed to open our browser and write the following IP address: or

On some routers, this address can be varied by one or two digits, the correct IP must appear in the manual.

We give Enter and an interface with the brand of our router will be loaded.

2. Log in with your user. After loading the page, you’ll be required to enter the username and password.

Set Up a New Router (Guide)
How to Set Up a New Router (Guide)

The routers bring a default user and password by default, with “admin” being the user and “admin” the password.

In some cases, the password is written on the router’s label.

3. Configure the network name. Once within the preferences of the router, we must look for an option that says “assistant” or “quick configuration”, so we can put a name to the network, which will be the visible name when we wanna connect to the Wifi.

router info
How to Set Up a New Router (Guide)

4. Set the password. In the same wizard, the security section appears, where you can choose to put a password to your router to restrict access, giving you several options such as the type of authentication and type of encryption.

 a New Router (Guide)
How to Set Up a New Router (Guide)

After entering your password, you finish the assistant and your router will automatically restart and be ready to use.


Remember to write down the password on a piece of paper or place where you won’t forget, and whenever you wanna change the router’s password or configuration, you can repeat these steps as many times as you want. Click here to check out one of the best routers (TP-Link).

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