Samsung Galaxy Home Smart Speaker Bixby Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Home Smart Speaker Bixby Reviews topWhen Samsung is mentioned the first thing that comes in mind is their fancy outstands gadgets like mobile phones, smart tv set, refrigerators, tablets, cameras among others these are devices with unique features and incredible hardware and software design. Samsung Galaxy Home Smart Speaker Bixby Reviews will review this new Samsung device on the market.

Samsung still has gone an extra mile in the world of innovation by introducing new collective devices in name of Samsung galaxy home.

This comprises home assistant devices that makes life pretty comfortable and enjoyable.

Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Home officially on August 9th, 2018.

The devices high sense Samsung speakers, Samsung watch and Samsung galaxy note 9.

Features and specifications

Samsung galaxy home speakers

Hardware Design

It is small in size although slightly bigger than apple home pod. It sits on three legs which make it look like a vase this enhance stability from its high sound vibration.

On top of it, there are touch buttons for adjusting volume and playing music in case you want to control it manually. On top of that, it has several speakers inside for hi-fi sounds quality.

Also, it is elegant and circular form factor that enables it to produce and sent sound to every direction.

They covered it with a pretty cool material which makes it cuddly to touch and feel, at its base. They also connected it with a single power cable that runs into it for power.

It has voice recognition device with far-field eight microphones appended in it. This enables it to listen to sound from high range.

Software design

galaxy home inside designGalaxy home speaker is unique. Samsung built it on artificial intelligence with Harman’s natural language processing capability. That enables it to recognize voice initiate actions and answer your queries.

It operates with Spotify to power musical listening experience across all platform in Samsung environment.

This is to provide a package of personalized music to Samsung users with little hustle.

It also comes with Bixby which is an intelligence application. That can work like a personal assistant although with limited capability.

With smart speakers, Samsung has brought comfort to your comfort, scalable artificial intelligence.

This will enable the speakers to direct music to where you are without necessary banging the whole house with its six high sound speakers.

The design allows voice recognition just by saying “hi, Bixey” with the help of Bixby this is high-quality voice assistant.

That retracts voice commands from every direction this help one to control integrated devices at home.

The speakers have AKG turning to enhance excellent sound production and fantastic echo management.

Pros and cons


Samsung Galaxy Home Smart Speaker Bixby ReviewsWith high artificial intelligence power such as natural language processing with the help of Harman’s natural language processing power makes galaxy home more penetrating and smart to use as far our technology innovation and comfort is concerned.

The capability to recognize high range voice through the help of its eight microphones makes it competitively viable compares to other players in the market such as Google home max, amazon echo plus and home pod from apple company.

Through all these features galaxy home is able to bring comfort near your from imaginary to reality.

The use of Bixby and Spotify makes the users enjoy music with no or fewer hustles, Spotify synchronizes music for Samsung users both the old genre and trending ones on a voice call.

Bixby is a smart technology that helps galaxy home users to control their homes initiate actions such as controlling tv set through smart galaxy integration.

Galaxy home is unique in design with a range of speakers. They well equipped with hi-fi sound producing capability.

They are echo sensitive and you can adjust them to bring the sound just near you at your comfort without necessary blasting music in the whole house.

Samsung home galaxy is well designed with it base well seated on three legs that make it stable and attractive.

It has the coolest outer cover that is good for touch and feels.


However with all these uniqueness Samsung galaxy home need to address the hindrance of artificial intelligence, producing excellent voice recognition, beautiful high sound production by itself it is not the milestone.

The world expects to see much more innovative ways can galaxy home do more than simply helping users access and control home devices.

In other word Bixby need to be powered to solve emerging future issues related to the environment, health and even social problems.

Comparisons between Samsung galaxy home and Google home

Samsung Galaxy Home Smart Speaker Bixby Reviews Regarding physical size Google home max have two woofers and a tweeter this makes it huge and produces high sound although not omnidirectional compared to galaxy home which has six speakers.

By appending together in different directions making it produce sound too different directions

Samsung galaxy depends highly on Harman’s natural language processing capability with the help of eight microphones compared with Google which runs on six microphones.

This makes the galaxy more advance than google home.

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Both speakers are smart speakers for they recognize a voice, initialize voice, answer queries and initiate actions.

As related to the query galaxy home runs on Bixby. Which is an intelligent software that responds to users command while googling home runs on google home assistant?

That is an automation google application for controlling and responding to queries.

4 Galaxy home side viewBixby is not much equipped and it is new in the market. Therefore, the level of intelligence is low compared to google assistant.

Which has been in the game for quite some time and can understand speech to be able to reply just like human beings.

With google home, you can access entire google app from google app store.

While with galaxy home you can only access Bixby and Spotify. This implies that galaxy home is limited to give features.

While googling home max provides a range of options that can apply or use if need it.


Innovation and technology have taken over the world with beautiful features that enable gorgeous and pretty living style.

Samsung took over the task of advancing technological ecosystem with its innovative way of solving a real-life problem.

With galaxy home, life will be much comfortable and easy for all Samsung users.

Users will have to prioritize their need depending on what they want if they seek a loud sound system there is a well-sorted package for them.

If they want smart services with incomparable features there are many options for them.


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