Linksys Router Setup Process

Linksys Router Setup Process is not that complicated, just follow the steps below to do it.

Now you have bought your Linksys wireless router, how do you use it?

If you require some assistance with your Linksys router setup, the whole process should take a few minutes and the system will prompt most of that.

However, doing the process correctly is crucial to your router well throughout your business or home.

Installation process

After opening the box, your Linksys will have a box-like device. It will also have one or two antennas that should be fitted in place.

Follow the instructions for your specific model. Once in place, there are some simple steps to connect the router physically.

1. Plug in the Ethernet cable, which runs from the broadband internet provider. This cable will be connected to the port on the back or front of the router and labeled the internet.

2. After that, plug another of the provided Ethernet cables into one of the ports. You can then plug the other end of the same cable into an Ethernet port on your PC.

That is all you should do for the actual setup. However, there are some additional steps to follow to configure the Linksys broadband wireless router correctly to work within your network.

To configure, follow these steps.

1. Install the CD ROM disk, which the company gives you into your PC. Install the router in a reliable and stable computer. This will serve as the main hub for activity later if you need to make some changes.

2. The next step is to follow the setup wizard steps. Say yes if it requests you to download data to your computer. It will then need to be rebooted after getting all the network connections.

3. lastly, input your password and code. The originals come with the device when buying. To protect yourself from invasions, you can change this code.

This is all about the process of the Linksys router setup. It takes a few minutes to do the process. However, once it is done, you don’t need to think about the router again.

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