The Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Reviews

The tech world gets interesting with each development and in this, The Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Reviews, you will get to know its details in a deeper and wider perspective. The phone is bigger in size and its color is amazing. Its power is incomparable, unlike other Note phones.

Samsung galaxy note 9 release date

Note 9 ReviewsThe Samsung galaxy note 9 is set to be released on 24th August. After this, you will be able to see it on your mobile phone shops for orders and purchasing. This comes after its unveiling which was done on 9 August this year. This is actually something to be anxious about because its specifications are out of this world and is a gadget that you need to get as fast as possible.

Samsung note 9 design

Samsung has always had each new phone with a unique design-should we say it is part of maintaining their brand and reputation in the tech world? The galaxy note 9 has a slightly slimmer chin especially on the bottom area and the top. The screen remains at 6.4 inches. The infinity display comes with a punch and brightness that is striking. To say the least, the curved edges are incomparable. A little short and a little wide as compared to the previous Samsung galaxy note 8, it weighs more at 201 grams.

The infinity display depicts a near bezel-less phone with a full frontal durable glass and an edge to edge display that will wow all its users and prospective buyers. It brags of having 516 pixels per inch and a resolution of 2960 by 1440. Forget about the visual disruptions with the hidden sensors and iris scanner. Interruptions while viewing is unheard of with this galaxy note 9 from Samsung.

The Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Reviews closeviewGalaxy Note 9’s brightness is something to marvel about and the colors are bold and vivid. It has intelligent contrast adjustment capabilities with regards to the light. The clarity and visibility of details whether indoors or outdoors is unbelievable. With a redefined design it is innovative, beautiful and fashionable. There is dia-cutting on the metal frame along its edges to give it a high-end look and a smartphone of its own kind. The back camera blends well into the rear side of the phone and carrying it around creates a sense of style and class.

Samsung galaxy note 9 features

Long Lasting Battery: The battery that comes with this Samsung galaxy note 9 is powerful and goes a longer distance with just a sing charge.

Despite the activities on your phone, it keeps pace with your life each day.

Extremely High Storage Capabilities: You want to keep all your files from years back for memories and later use, this is it?

This grandmaster comes with an internal inbuilt storage capacity of 128GB and can be expandable using a Micro SD of up to 512GB.

Trust me you can store thousands of movies, music videos, and photos without exhausting the storage space.

You also have the possibility to connect to the CarPlay like Kkmoon k5980 to talk hand free in your car.

The Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Reviews designDesigned for the Perfect Gaming Experience: Guaranteed performance during gaming is a plus for this smartphone.

The cutting-edge processor helps in cutting down on lag. An inbuilt water carbon cooling system cuts down on overheating.

Your game stays smooth with the AI based performance adjuster. Forget about sluggishness while gaming.

Wireless Charging: You don’t have to be tied down to power up. When your Samsung galaxy note 9 runs out of power, the wireless charging system gets it to 100% giving you maximum convenience. Using the wireless charging system is simple since you only need to set the phone and it starts charging.

Quick Online Activities: Speed, when doing your online activities like browsing, making downloads and updates, is mandatory for a stress-free life. With the terrific speed of this phone, you can stream videos, make downloads and upload your files uninterrupted. The phone has an integrated gigabit LTE mechanism, a 4 by 4 MIMO antennae and WIFI functions that allow you to enjoy a fantastic network speed of 1.2Gbps.3.

Keep Reading The Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Reviews To Learn More About It Features.

Dual SIM Support: The Samsung galaxy note 9 supports dual SIM functionality.

You can enjoy the convenience of having two different phone numbers on one phone without having to worry about removing one SIM to insert the other.

At the same time, you can set different LTE data plans according to your preference on the same phone.

There are options to set your personal and work accounts in order to stay fully connected.

Stereo Speakers: Tuned by AKG, the stereo speakers have a vivid and louder volume. An immersive three dimensional sound is made possible by Dolby Atmos.

The four preset modes convert your space into a fabulous theatre and make your movie and music sessions better than before.

Element Resistance: Samsung galaxy note 9 has been tested for water and dust resistance.

The entire phone is sealed from the inside to the outer side making it highly waterproof even after being submerged in water 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes.

Samsung Note 9 ReviewsHardware Protection Upwards: Immediately you switch your phone on, Samsung Knox protects your data.

Knox is fused into both the software and hardware during manufacturing unlike the software only mobile security on other phones.

There are several layers of overlapping security and defense mechanisms that offer maximum protection to your note 9 phone against malware, intrusions, and malicious threats.

Biometric Authentication: Feel free to unlock your phone anytime, anywhere.

The intelligent scan allows you to unlock the phone when there is extremely high brightness or low light.

This works when iris scanning is combined with face recognition. To protect your details and privacy use a PIN, password or fingerprint capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specification

Form factor- Touchscreen

Dimensions in mm- 161.90 x 76.40 x 8.80

Weight in grams- 201.00

Battery capacity in (mAh) – 4000

Colors available in- Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, Metallic Copper and Lavender Purple

Screen size in inches- 6.40

Touchscreen capabilities- Yes

Resolution- 1440×2960 pixels

Processor make is Samsung Exynos 9810

Processor- 1.7GHz octa-core

Random Access Memory (RAM) is – 6GB

Expandable storage abilities- Yes

Internal storage- 128GB

Expandable storage is 512 GB (maximum accepted size)

Expandable storage nature is via a micro SD

Front camera- 8 megapixel

Back camera- 12 megapixel

Operating System- Android 8.1

Skin is Samsung Experience UX

Wi-Fi Connectivity- Yes

Wi-Fi standard supported are 802.11 a, /b, /g, /n, /ac

GPS capabilities- Yes

Bluetooth connectivity- Yes, v 5.00

NFC- Yes

Number of SIMs acceptable- 2

SIM 1 Type- Nano-SIM


3G enabled- Yes

4G or LTE- Yes

SIM 2 Type- Nano-SIM


3G enabled- Yes

4G or LTE- Yes

Compass or Magnetometer- Yes

Proximity sensor capabilities- Yes

Accelerometer use- Yes

Ambient light sensor functionality- yes

Gyroscope availability- Yes

Barometer usage – Yes

Samsung galaxy note 9 screen size

Samsung galaxy note 9 has a screen size of 6.4 inches which is slightly higher than the previous note 8 by 0.1 inches. The bigger screen is epic especially when it comes to its display capabilities that combine punchiness and brightness to allow you to view your phone without straining.

Samsung galaxy note 9 color

We are used to seeing many black and white phones on the shelves and certainly, it had become boring.

Samsung has set the bar higher by manufacturing the galaxy note 9 phones in different amazing colors that depict class and style.

The colors range from Midnight Black for those with a thing for black phones, Ocean Blue that looks executive and blends with any outfit, Metallic Copper for those that love something neutral and Lavender Purple to give you a royal look every time you hold your phone.

Samsung galaxy note 9 capacity

Storage capacity is among the major considerations to look for when purchasing a phone.

This one will leave you wide agape because it has hit a 1 TB storage capacity when both the internal and external storage capacities are combined.

You do not need to delete your files because of space issues. However, your phone’s performance doesn’t go down because of filling the space.

The internal storage capacity of this phone is 128 GB and the expandable external source accepts a maximum of 512 GB.

This is amazing because you can store plenty of movies, video files, music playlists, photos and mobile applications without exhausting it. By this, we can say that Samsung is sailing faster than other brands.

Samsung galaxy note 9 speed

The cutting-edge processor is responsible for the terrific speed of this phone. It doesn’t matter what you are doing.

Whether streaming, gaming, browsing or multitasking, the phone’s 10nm processor in combination with the 6GB Random Access Memory (RAM) the delivery of performance is impeccable.

When working online, things happen fast like a flash.

Now you can stream videos, make your downloads and upload your files without any interruptions. WIFI capabilities and the integrated gigabit LTE in addition to the 4 by 4 antennae make you enjoy a network speed of up to 1.2Gbps cubic.

Samsung galaxy note 9 S Pen features

S pen Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ReviewsThe Samsung galaxy note 9 comes with an S pen that is Bluetooth enabled and acts as a remote control for your phone.

You can snap photos, pause YouTube videos or change slides by just pressing a button.

You can also customize your own controls. Charging the S pen isn’t complicated. You only slide the pen into the phone and in 40 seconds, it gets 30 minutes worth power.

The S pen has a 0.7 mm tip that is highly sensitive and responsive.

With a pressure level of 4096, the pen gives very precise and elaborate strokes to allow you control the activities on your phone. Can you imagine the convenience?

With a remote camera access, your photography moves to another level. Forget about rushing to beat your self-timer on the phone or straining your arms to get that one time selfie. It is amazing that snapping selfies has now become easy with the help of this S Pen.

Are you scheduled for an interview or a presentation session, boost your confidence with the Samsung galaxy note 9 S pen that gives you the ultimate presentation control by switching slides from your position using the S Pen. You only need to press a button and swish, it moves to the next slide.

Note 9 S penControl your apps with ease with this pen. It doesn’t matter what application, with a press of a button, you become the master and pause, and stop, play or move to the next when you are 10 meters apart. How about setting your own unique custom functions?

It takes the functions of a real pen and you can write anything down on your phone using it. Compile your to do list, take down notes, write your memos or your letters without having to unlock your phone.

If you need to find your written items easily, pin them to the always on display and they will be stored in the Samsung notes app. drawing options make using the S pen unveil your creativity and you can also post live drawings using this pen.

Samsung note 9 gsm arena

The GSM system in the galaxy note 9 phone allows for data networking, call forwarding, waiting and caller ID.

It uses encryption capabilities to secure all your phone calls and ha SMS for paging and text messages. You can also enjoy multi-party conferencing anywhere. GSM operations differ with locations on this phone.

Samsung galaxy note 9 price

The Samsung galaxy note 9 is priced at $1000 for the phone that has 128GB storage capacity and 6GB RAM and $1250 for the other one that has a 512GB storage with RAM of 8GB.


Incredible! From the features and specifications in this Samsung galaxy note 9 reviews, it is evident that Samsung has gone a step further in technology by manufacturing an excellent and high performing phone.

The uniqueness is in the S pen that works via Bluetooth and offers you convenience while working on your phone.

There is so much to its benefits that you all should plan on making an order once it hits the shelves.

Talk of the amazing storage space that just hits one terabyte when you combine the internal storage capacity and the external storage capacity.

You can now store thousands of music playlists, videos, photos, and movies to make sure that your entertainment sessions are made interesting and lively. In as much as it is highly priced, it is worth every dime.

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