The 3 Types of Headphones – The Best Headphones

In today’s headphones market, there are many different ones. We are going to categorize in three types. The 3 Types of Headphones – The Best Headphones will give describe these 3 types well.
To this date, there are presently three classes of headphones accessible on the market.
Also, this article can assist you to separate the class that you simply would be most fascinated by.

The classes are:

1) Dynamic Headphones

2) Orthodynamic/Isodynamic Headphones

3) static Headphones

The 3 classes supported the sort of technology wont to manufacture sound from the headphones.

The distinction is that the kind of electrical device principle wont to convert electrical signals into sound waves.

1) Dynamic Headphones

Dynamic headphones employ a moving coil driver.

A moving coil driver merely means there’s a magnet within the earpiece.

That produces a static force field. They connected the voice coil to a diaphragm that we found within the force field.

And they also run a current through the voice coil creating it cause the diaphragm to vibrate and manufacture sound waves.

In fact, most dynamic headphones would like very little electricity for it to figure.

Thanks to this, the bulk of headphones on the market are dynamic headphones.

These also employed by average music listeners, musicians and skilled studio mixers alike.

Moreover, the foremost in style makers within the music business that manufacture dynamic headphones, including Sony, Beyer, Sennheiser, Grado, and Audio-Technica.

They will price $8 or $800 North American country bucks(USD) upwards.

And this will wire or wireless, outside or closed-back, earbuds or studio-quality.

Pros of dynamic headphones that they’re wide accessible. Also, they are sometimes cheaper that ortho dynamic and static ones.

Since they required very little electricity to drive them. Most of them can work with mobile devices and computers. While not a desire for an earpiece amp.

Furthermore, the earpiece amp may miniaturize power electronic equipment specifically designed to drive the little speakers within the headphones.

The cons are that orthodynamic and static headphones will beat them in terms of speed and clarity.

Dynamic headphones are the most effective headphones, to begin with, thanks to their price and wide selection.

2) Orthodynamic / Isodynamic Headphones

The success of Orthodynamic headphones was highly enorme in the worldwide within the Seventies.

They’re thought-about by some to be recent technology howeverhave a revival currently.

Manufacturers embody Audeze, Fostex, Hifiman, Kenwood and twin.

Orthodynamic headphones have flat and greater voice coils, that cowl the diaphragm.

Also, this suggests that they distributed the present which is healthier to the diaphragm, that successively produces sound waves.

Moreover, larger voice coils mean larger diaphragms (even larger than static headphones). Which means that we need additional electricity to drive them.

Pros of Orthodynamic headphones are that they provide glorious response and sound quality just like that of an static.

Cons of Orthodynamic earpieces are that they’re usually larger and need an earpiece amp to drive them.

Therefore, they’re not moveable. They are additionally usually dearer than dynamic headphones.

3) Static Headphones

The Electrostatic headphones are another good ones. They contain some drivers, that don’t have a voice coil.
Furthermore, the diaphragm is instead charged with electricity. The diaphragm is placed in between 2 electrically charged metal plates (electrodes). That are perforated. once the diaphragm vibrates.
Air will force through the perforated metal plates manufacturing a wave.

Moreover, electrostatic headphones are sometimes dearer than dynamic headphones, and arrelatively uncommon.

Thanks to the diaphragm and 2 metal plates. That are required to be charged with electricity.
The headphones would like a giant quantity of electricity to drive.
The quantity is most that ordinary amps that drive dynamic and/or orthodynamic headphones simply will not cut it.
A special earpiece electronic equipment is required. Which regularly needs electrical potentials within the vary of one hundred to one thousand volts.

The thin diaphragm that’s solely a variety of micrometers thick permits it to provide a frequency response.

Furthermore, that extends well on prime of the perceptible limit of roughly twenty kilocycle.
In alternative words, higher clarity and sound quality is created.

Akg and Stax manufacture static headphones.

On one hand, pros of static headphones ar the sound quality and clarity that they’re better-known for.

On the other hand, cons of static headphones ar that they’re expensive. Als,o the owner needs to buy a special amp to drive them and that they lack bass.

There’s lack of slam / impact compared to dynamic headphones.

Most consultants agree static phones will really manufacture a higher-quality sound than dynamic headphones.

 The explanation they are not additional in style is that they’re way more expensive.

Price of static Headphones

Beginning at roughly $1,000 USD and attending to nearly $15,000 USD for the industry’s best.


In closing, all these three types of Headphones are great. The choice only depends on what you are planning to do with them. It also depends on your budget. So, pick one that fit in your need and your budget. Thanks for reading this article.

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